Veterinary medicine technician

The agricultural-veterinarian school has two classes that specialize in becoming veterinary medicine technicians every year.

For this education profile we have an equipped cabinet for anatomy and physiology, in which we have models of domestic animals as well as other evident teaching aids (posters, skeletons…)

Practical schooling is performed in a modernly equipped ambulance, which houses has a small amphitheater for the realization of theoretical lecturing. The ambulance has a sterilization room, a mini laboratory and a pharmacy with a suitable amount of medicaments (medicine)

Amongst the necessary equipment, besides the basic means needed for the realization of lectures, the school owns an ultrasound machine for detecting cow pregnancy. It also has an apparatus for trimming animal horns, a calf extractor needed for cow pregnancy, as well as a machine made for detecting antibiotics in milk. Also the school owns all the equipment needed for performing surgery, obstetrics and pathology.

During practical interventions, or assists carried out with the professor-veterinarian, all the necessary equipment is available to the students at some point. This approach leads to a perfect blend of theoretical and practical lecturing, which enables the students to master all the necessary skill needed for their future professions.

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