The agricultural-veterinarian school, cultivates around 70 hectares (172,9acres) yearly within its farming activities, thanks to its students’ and professors’ hard work during regular classes, and practice.

The whole surface is used as a polygon on which various farming cultures can be found. The most modern agro-technical procedures combined with modern mechanization are applied. The most characteristic farming cultures in central Serbia that occupy the arable land are: corn, wheer, oats, barley, sunflower, soybean, canola and alfalfa. The students actively participate in all the operations necessary for the production to be successful and the yields excellent.

With this regular output, our facility is the demonstration centre of the ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Serbia. Pre-commission, commission and strip trials are conducted on corn. The results do not lag behind those of other research centres in Serbia, and can be seen on the site of the Ministry of agriculture.

There is also an important collaboration with all the institutes regarding farming production. It can be said with certainty that, at the end of their education, all of our students are totally qualified to get engaged in farming production using the newest achievements in this field.

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