Educational profiles


For-year education profiles

Veterinary technician

Agricultural technician

Food technician

Horticultural technician

The three-year educational profiles


The operator-mechanic of agricultural machines

For-year education profiles

  1. Veterinary technician

With the reform of education in 1980, the school enrolls veterinary technicians. During their education, students acquire knowledge in breeding and ways of selection in livestock production, animal feeding, and ways of preparing food related to some species and categories of domestic animals. Modern facilities for housing animals, like- barns, a farrowing pen, a sheep fold, chicken coop, mini zoo… can be found on the property of the economy. We own a modern vet infirmary with a laboratory which is of great importance for connecting the theoretical and practical knowledge. Sports horsemanship, fishing, bee pathology, exotic animal pathology are all on the list of optional courses. The students which graduate from our school, are fully enabled to work in their own professions, as well as to continue their education.

2. Agricultural technician

The agricultural technician plans, leads and controls the production on the open field and in an enclosed spaces (greenhouse, polythene greenhouses, warm garden beds). The students are qualified (enabled) to organize the technology related to the cropping the vegetable, vineyard and fruit cultures (crops). They learn how to regularly maintain machines, devices and equipement needed in olericulture, horticulture and  the modern systems of irrigation. Agricultural technitians, along with the engineers perform technical work in agronomy, improve agriculture research results, and identify and solve problems. The school owns modern greenhouses, polythene greenhouses, new fruit and grapevine plantations and areas under different crops, on which the students are involved, as to produce fruit, vegetables, grapes and different crop cultures.

3. Food technician

The students are trained as to operate all machines involved in the food processing industry, as well as in chemical and microbiological laboratories of the food industry. They steer, regulate and control modern devices, organize the recipience, conserving and storing of food products. They are trained to work with tools, machines and devices dedicated for food processing. Their professional practice, exercises of thermal raw material food processing, as well as the production of ready-made dishes are all conducted in a well-equipped kitchen block within the school. What is specific for us is that the students of this profile can not only technically follow through, but also overlook the cultivation of products in the school economy, which, in a large amount, affects a higher level acquirement of their knowledge and skill.

4. Horticultural technician

This is a profession which is popular and economically profitable. At the end of their education, students become experts in green and park areas as well as in cultivating cultures on small protected spaces. They are trained in supervising modern, technological processes regarding the production of flowers, ornamental, medicinal herbs and spices. Arranging bouquets, as well as forming and maintaining green and flowery surfaces and fountains. The school produces flower and ornamental herb seedlings for its own purposes as well as for the purposes of decorating the town.

The three-year educational profiles

1. Butcher

This is a very attractive and interesting profession for the labor market. The students master the knowledge and perfect their skills in meat processing and making meat products. They use machines and devices in the meat industry and apply the knowledge from the fields of hygiene and meat and meat product quality control.

We cooperate with a large number of organizations and entrepreneurs which deal with meat processing and in whose the students get the necessary practical knowledge. The profession is in deficiency, so the possibility of employment is large, right after graduation.

2. The operator-mechanic of agricultural machines

The schooling process lasts for three years. The students are trained for immediate work and for carrying out technological operations and procedures in agricultural production. They are trained to properly use agricultural machines, to detect imperfections in engine and tractor functioning, to properly operate auxiliary and self-propelled machines, means of transportation and devices in agricultural production. Within class, the students are enabled to take a driving test in the category of agricultural machines.

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