Animal husbandry

In this part of our school the complete practice is done by our students from the animal-husbandry class. Along with their professors the students constantly monitor, overlook, supervise, maintain and feed animals.

The school economy includes a farm of Simmeltan (fleckvieh) breed dairy cows, a facility for calf fattening, a sheepholder, feedlot, pigsty and pig nursery. The heating conditions for these animals are favourable, and consist of underfloor heating for prematurely rejected piglets and objects in which they are housed. The animal husbandry part of our economy also contains a four story hen house full of hens which lay eggs, fitted with automatic manure (chicken dropping) removal, which is operated by a conveyor belt. The animal husbandry sector also contains several small objects in which small animals and exotic poultry are kept.

Blenders of animal food and objects for storage and conservation of animal food which we own, enable us to enclose the circle in the production and breeding of domestic animals.  The horizontal food blender provides all the necessary food for all types and categories of animals which the economy breeds.
At the end of a four-year schooling, our students completely master the skills and apply both their theoretical and practical knowledge acquired within their educational profiles.

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