About our boarding school


The boarding school is located in the complex of the Agricultural-veterinarian school „Svilajnac“ in Svilajnac. It is a school both for male and female students.

Two buildings are at the disposal of the boarding school „Svilajnac“  where the students are accommodated. The first was constructed in the year 1957 (the older section), and the other (modern), purposely-built in 1998.

Since April the 31st the boarding school has ISO and NASSR certificates.

The boarding school has the accommodation capacity to house 420 students. The rooms in it contain 3 or 4 beds. The boarding school  has a modern kitchen and dining room, modern studying premises, sports courts suitable for small sports, a modern sports hall, gym, sound system and video surveillance as a part of the physical and technical security service. Also attainable to the students are a TV hall, an internet club, as well as a library containing more than 9500 books.

 Educational work ensures the development of intellectual and working abilities; improvement in the field of physical health; assistance in studying and implementation of school-related obligations; the development of moral, ethical and other personality values.

There are 15 educators in the boarding school engaged in educational-pedagogical work

Kralja Petra Prvog 64 , 35210 Svilajnac • Telephone 035/323-594 • Fax 035/312-177 • direktor@poljvet-svil.edu.rs